Chinavasion worries not about copyright laws – its CVASQ-C811 PMP plays *everything*


chinavasion-CVASQ-C811.jpgThis could well be your next new thing to put in your pocket if it’s half as good as promised, thanks to built-in emulator support for the NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and even SEGA’s legendary Mega Drive.

The controller bit there also doubles as the unit’s docking station – hopefully it’s sturdy enough to survive and stay attached during a good session of Streets of Rage 2.

As well as emulator support it’s also a decent personal media player, supporting AVIs, playing MP3s, WAVs, and WMA files, plus it ships with software to convert most of the other media formats to something it can handle. And that’s a 3″ screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 and its 1GB of internal memory can be boosted with SD cards up to 4GB. Not bad.

All it needs now is a snappier name than CVASQ-C811 and it might stand a chance of catching on.

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