Top 10 YouTube videos showing the funny side of iPhone

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iPhone iPhone iPhone. It’s all Apple fans can talk about this week. And if you’re not already camping outside an Apple Store, you’re probably TOO LATE. But at least you can laugh about it.

At least, you can if you have a look at these ten videos, handpicked from YouTube for chucklesomeness, rather than serious in-depth analysis of its specs. Watch the first below, then head over the jump to see the rest.

1. The I’m A Cheap Bastard Phone. Exceptional Scottish rant on “why we don’t need any stinkin’ iPhones…”

2. I’m an iPod, I’m an iPhone spoof ad. “Where does the music come from?” “iTunes.” “You’re shittin’ me!”

3. Digg founders fight over iPhone. Is it ripping off LG’s KE850 phone? Watch two Web 2.0 titans almost come to blows trying to decide.

4. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer laughs at the iPhone. But what would developersdevelopersdevelopersDEVELOPERS make of it?

5. Steve Jobs talks iPhone on Saturday Night Live. But hang on a minute, it doesn’t look like Steve Jobs…

6. iBlinds accessory. Hooking your curtains up to your iPhone is The Future. Really. With extra scary robot voices.

7. There’s a hidden mobile phone inside your iPod Nano. You have to be German to find it, though.

8. N95 v iPhone spoof ad. “Why don’t you send your photos via MMS?” “I can’t do MMS either…”

9. Conan O’Brien spoof iPhone ad. Including some unexpected uses. “Cheese grater, sonogram, treadmill… hand grenade…”

10. Meet the ZunePhone. Looks more like a laptop than you’d ideally like.

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