Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: Vuze (formerly Zudeo)

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Andy actually wrote about Vuze back in December, when it was known as Zudeo. Created by file-sharing company Azureus, it could be loosely described as a high-definition YouTube. Well, in that it lets you search for and watch high-definition films and videos, as well as standard-definition stuff.

Content is on offer from professional and independent TV producers, and the company has signed deals with companies including the BBC and Showtime. It also places a big focus on community aspects, letting users create their own channels of videos, and also rate what’s up there.

Vuze is another Telly 2.0 site that deserves to share in the buzz around services like Joost and VeohTV. I’m just wondering where I’m going to find the time to watch them all…

Vuze website

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