Zudeo launches as high-definition video sharing site

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zudeo.pngFile-sharing company Azureus have launched a new video sharing website that it hopes will become the high-def equivalent of YouTube.

We all know how successful YouTube has become, despite the relatively low quality of the video content. Using BitTorrent to make the downloading of large files much more manageable, the Zudeo (beta) web site looks set to promise ‘better than DVD’ quality films, up to high definition quality.

“Our main target is high-definition video, which is a whole new market online,” said CEO Gilles BianRosa. “People will be able to post any kind of quality on our platform, but on top of that, we also make it possible to post videos that exceed DVD quality.”

The Palo Alto, US, based service has already done deals with 12 TV, film and media companies, with full details being announced in a couple of weeks’ time. As with most video sharing sites, any clips which infringe upon copyright and are flagged up by the owner will be removed.

There’s no exact details as to exactly how high def these offerings are – full 1080p would seem to be pushing it at present.

The whole system is supposed to hold together because, as a user downloads a file on a BitTorrent network, they’re also simultaneously uploading bits of that file to other users. However, that only decentralises bandwidth costs, not download times.

Videos will come in either H.264 or VC-1 format. DVD quality videos may also be available for live streaming for anyone with a fast enough connection: 300Kbps minimum according to the company.

It will be interesting to see how this site develops.


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