Mobiblu Boxon – MP3, video and VoIP on a 2-inch device

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Mobiblu has made its name on miniaturising its players – but the Mobiblu Boxon seems to top the lot – adding VoIP to the range of media features, but still coming in at no more than 2 inches in size.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got the exact dimensions, but the 1.7-inch OLED screen takes up the entirety of one side. Allowing a bit for the casing, that’s still no more than 2 inches. But again, Mobiblu has managed to pack in the features, including a music player that’s good for MP3, OGG and WMA (including DRM), a video player (AVI), an FM tuner, FM recording, voice recording, text reader and photo viewer.

There’s also SRS WOW and TruBass sound enhancement, a rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours playback and VoIP. Yes, that’s VoIP. Plug it into your PC and the Boxon apparently functions as a very small VoIP handset. How this works in practice I don’t know – but I’d love to find out.

Available just as a 1GB device, you can pick up the Boxon for £79.

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