Online video eating up traditional TV viewing time

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tv.pngA new survey conducted for the BBC suggests that the phenomenal rise in popularity of online video is eroding the amount of time people spend watching tradition TV.

Of 2,070 people surveyed by ICM, 43% of those who watch online video on a PC or mobile device at least once a week say they watch less TV as a result. However, only 9% of the population currently watch online video regularly.

13% watch occasionally, and 10% expect to start in the coming year, whilst 66% said they had no intention of watching online video.

Not surprisingly, the 18-24 age group watch the most online video, gradually tailing off as age increases (except for the 65+ age group – maybe they’re all watching Peter)

It’s an interesting survey that shows online video is becoming an important part of many people’s lives, but at present I don’t think it’s any threat to the TV. For one, most people can’t watch it on the big screen, which (particularly with the advent of high definition) is important to many.

And let’s face it, watching some home videos on the small screen isn’t going to obliterate the draw of a high-def movie or a well-produced TV network drama or comedy. Not yet, anyway.

Read the full survey results

Andy Merrett
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