Opinion: Is it time for YouTube to be regulated?


Jonathan Weinberg writes… Regulation? On the web? You must be thinking I’ve swallowed some happy pills to make a statement like that. After all, the whole premise of the Internet has always been find anything you want, anywhere – hasn’t it?

But while it’s near on impossible to bring in blanket rules and laws to cover the whole of cyberspace, I do think it is time some sites were forced to put their hands up and take much more responsibility for their actions – and that starts with YouTube.

A poll out today found YouTube is the most popular user-generated site in the UK after attracting 10.4 million people in January. That is a 56 per cent increase in traffic compared to 2007 and just shows the reach it has.

The success of the video-sharing site has been phenomenal. Such fast growth over the years undoubtedly causes problems and makes it difficult for any company to keep up with the demands of hosting such a vast wealth of moving images…

Joox.net struggling, may have shut down due to legal threats

joox_net.gifIt appears that Joox.net, which we’ve only recently got excited about, could be struggling to stay afloat. Indeed, it could already have shut down, thanks to pressure from copyright holders, if comments at Oh Gizmo! are anything to go by.

Joox.net, which brought us cult movies and classic TV programmes, may not have “given a crap about any copyright violations” — as per their many visitors — but the threat of being sued is enough to make smaller players on the Net take notice.

Zudeo launches as high-definition video sharing site

File-sharing company Azureus have launched a new video sharing website that it hopes will become the high-def equivalent of YouTube. We all know how successful YouTube has become, despite the relatively low quality of the video content. Using BitTorrent to…

Travelistic video-sharing website launches

A new video sharing website has launched aimed at travellers. Travelistic combines user-generated video content with a variety of professional programming, including exclusive content. It uses Google Maps as a basis for users to find videos of a particular location….

Universal Music goes after other video sites

Weeks after Universal did a deal with YouTube, they're now pursuing 'non-deal' video sharing sites who are misusing their content. Sites Bolt and Grouper are the targets, for allegedly infringing copyright of artists such as Bon Jovi, Eminem, Jamie Cullum…