struggling, may have shut down due to legal threats

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joox_net.gifIt appears that, which we’ve only recently got excited about, could be struggling to stay afloat. Indeed, it could already have shut down, thanks to pressure from copyright holders, if comments at Oh Gizmo! are anything to go by., which brought us cult movies and classic TV programmes, may not have “given a crap about any copyright violations” — as per their many visitors — but the threat of being sued is enough to make smaller players on the Net take notice.

Though shutting down hasn’t been officially confirmed, the site has been unavailable for some time, though it does suggest that the server is taking a long time to respond, rather than being dead, so maybe there’s still hope? (Update: visiting the site now yields the Swedish message “Du har kommit till en sida som inte finns, sry!” which roughly translated means that you’ve tried to access a non-existent page.)

You can be sure there’ll be plenty of other alternative sites to take its place. Copyrighted material has a way of persisting online regardless of what the lawyers say.

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