Shearer V2000 PMP: iPhone in disguise?

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OK, so the Shearer V2000 portable music player isn’t really much like the iPhone except in initial looks — and even then, well, it’s a bit chunky. It’s not a phone, for a start, though it does sport a 3-inch 16-million colour polysilicon screen encased in a brushed metal exterior. It’s not touch sensitive, so there are extra buttons at the base of the unit for controlling it.

For the acronym-happy, it supports RM/RMV8, AVI, and MPEG video support, plus MP3, WMA, APE, and FLAC audio files, plus JPEG, bitmap, and GIF image formats. It also has an FM radio tuner, LRC lyrics, and text to speech capability, plus built-in BBE and SRS sound enhancement.

Oh, and it’s powered by an ADI BF533 processor, if that means anything to you.

It’s cheap, too, costing the equivalent of around £60 for a 2GB model.

The reason for calling it an iPhone in disguise? Because the guys over at PMP Today have decided to show it off adorned in Transformers goodness.

Coming to the UK? No details as yet – this could be one that stays in the East.

(Via PMP Today)

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