Hundreds of thousands of dodgy AC adaptors flood UK: potential deathtrap


I can almost see Lynn Faulds Wood shaking her head, tutting, and muttering about a potential deathtrap, on hearing the news that hundreds of thousands of cheap Chinese power adaptors are being sold on the British high street.

Some of the worst knock-off adaptors are labelled as working with the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and Game Boy, no doubt because they’ll attract more sales from those hoping to save a few quid…

"Robot receptionist" dream finally made real thanks to Chinese tin-man monster


That absolutely hideous MONSTROSITY to the left there has been given the name Siasun and set to work as a receptionist in the Chinese city of Shenyang.

It/she works at the fantastically Communist-sounding “administrative examination and approval service center” in Shenyang, where it/she nods, waves and even, so it is alleged but we would have to see it to believe it, talks to businessmen…

Chinese manufacturer Penchan has done it! A 5.5 terapixel camera!

Who woulda thunk it? The Chinese company Penchan has developed a camera with a whopping 5.5 Terapixel resolution, or in layman’s terms, 5,500,000 megapixels. Yes, really. We just got off the phone to Canon and Nikon and it’s safe to say, they’re petrified.

When we told Hasselblad about Penchan’s new product, they vowed to get out of the industry as fast as their little Swedish legs could carry them.

But, to obviously soften the blow to their competitors, they encased it in a powder blue cover…

Shearer V2000 PMP: iPhone in disguise?


OK, so the Shearer V2000 portable music player isn’t really much like the iPhone except in initial looks. It’s not a phone, for a start, though it does sport a 3-inch 16-million colour polysilicon screen encased in a brushed metal exterior. It’s not touch sensitive, so there are extra buttons at the base of the unit for controlling it.

For the acronym-happy, it supports RM/RMV8, AVI, and MPEG video support, plus MP3, WMA, APE, and FLAC audio files, plus JPEG, bitmap, and GIF image formats. It also has an FM radio tuner, LRC lyrics, and text to speech capability, plus built-in BBE and SRS sound enhancement.