"Robot receptionist" dream finally made real thanks to Chinese tin-man monster

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chinese_robot-receptionist-rubbish.jpgThat absolutely hideous MONSTROSITY to the left there has been given the name Siasun and set to work as a receptionist in the Chinese city of Shenyang.

It/she works at the fantastically Communist-sounding “administrative examination and approval service center” in Shenyang, where it/she nods, waves and even, so it is alleged but we would have to see it to believe it, talks to businessmen in Chinese while assisting their search for important documents.

But what’s the point in having a robot receptionist if it requires a team of people to supervise it, point it in the right direction, tell it what to do and stop it falling over and crushing small children? If you want a good receptionist, you have to go back to the 1970s and find a large-chested lady called Susan who brings you tea with a smile and smells nice. If this is the future of office help, count me out.

(Via Far East Gizmos)

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Gary Cutlack
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