Teenage Chinese virgin sells sex for iPhone 4

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A teenage Chinese girl has taken to the web to advertise that her virginity is for sale. The price? An Apple iPhone 4.

The girl took to micro-blogging service Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) to offer the trade, posting a non-nude snap of herself in the process. She claimed that her father refused to get her one, making this (somehow) the best way for her to bag Apple’s smartphone. Bet her Dad is pissed now.

So far it seems people have been turning against the girl about her offer, rather than being turned on by it. Many have also hilariously suggested that she wait for the iPhone 5 before touting her wares.

Still, it’s a sad day when young people value special moments (ad potentially their health too) so cheaply. It’s equally sad that no-one ever offers sex for a top spec Android phone.

Gerald Lynch
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  • stupid girl, she is just a kid and know nothing about the society. the most stupid thing she did is selling herself, she does not know that there many cheater. even she really sell the virginity, she can not get an iphone.

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