Hundreds of thousands of dodgy AC adaptors flood UK: potential deathtrap


dodgy_ac_adpator.jpgI can almost see Lynn Faulds Wood shaking her head, tutting, and muttering about a potential deathtrap, on hearing the news that hundreds of thousands of cheap Chinese power adaptors are being sold on the British high street.

Some of the worst knock-off adaptors are labelled as working with the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and Game Boy, no doubt because they’ll attract more sales from those hoping to save a few quid.

Th trouble is that the fiver that got you that bargain could wind up electrocuting you, frying your games console, or burning your house down.

Buckinghamshire County Council’s senior trading standards officer Chris Holden said, “the UK appears to be flooded with them. It probably runs into hundreds of thousands or even millions.”

The really bad adaptors may be fairly obvious, as they have exposed wires or misshaped socket pins, however they may not all be as easy to spot. As usual, anyone suspecting they’ve got a dodgy product can inform Trading Standards.

(Via MCV UK)

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