Reborg-Q: Another Robot Security Guard



At least the Reborg-Q has a name, albeit a rather goofy one. Like many electronic fellas developed lately, it’s a security bot, somewhat resembling a life-sized plastic astronaut that’s been melted like a marshmallow. It can be pre-set on a course or remotely controlled with a joystick, has four cameras in its head, and its sensors detect the presence of humans, water leaks and fire. When it does detect such, it sends live video back to the security depot. It also has a touch-screen in its chest, allowing it to function as an information bureau, and an ID scanner in its shoulder, allowing it to be a doorman. It can also be equipped with a fire extinguisher. The system clocks in at a very reasonable £5000-10000 considering it’s a freaking remote controlled police bot command system. Is this planet getting crazy or what? [GT]

Reborg-Q to keep the peace at shopping malls

Gabrielle Taylor
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