Playboy is planning emails with integrated video!


Playboybunny.jpgHappy party time company Playboy (do your own image research) is partnering with online communication specialist Email Reaction, to create email marketing for Playboy TV UK.

The emails will “include links to video clips taken from the most popular Playboy TV and exclusive Playboy UK Cyber Girl model videos,” plus you can personalise it to receive clips that match your “interests”.

As long as your interests are legal and Playboy has filmed something to do with them.

Bryan Black, managing director of Email Reaction, said “Playboy TV UK’s use of integrated video links in its email communications is a pioneering use of the web. Our technology will enable Playboy TV UK to continuously improve its customer insight and to use that to drive increasingly targeted campaigns.”

If all that nonsense means we get nicely targeted videos of chesty American tramps in our inbox each day, the internet will be a brighter place.

Gary Cutlack
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