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eyefi.jpgImagine if you didn’t even have to think about transferring photos from your digital camera to your PC before uploading them to the internetweb. It’d be much better if they just made their own way online, without you having to bother.

Well, that’s the idea behind Eye-Fi, which raised $5.5 million of funding earlier this month. Its idea is to let people automatically upload their photos via Wi-Fi, but instead of relying on Wi-Fi being built into their cameras, it’ll use SD cards that double as Wi-Fi chips.

They’re expected to go on sale this Autumn for around $100 (£50), and should support the most popular photo-sharing sites and social networks.

I love the idea, as someone who regularly has 80+ photos languishing on my camera because I don’t have time to transfer and upload them. But I wonder if the process can ever be truly automated.

Say you take 100 or more photos on a day out, or you’re a heavy user of your camera’s burst mode, which shoots several images one after another so you can pick the best ones. You don’t want to upload all those shots, normally, so I’m wondering if you’ll still have to go through marking on your camera which photos you want uploaded and which you don’t.

I also wonder if there’s also a market for 3G versions of these cards, for active photographers who spend their time wandering up and down mountains, and may not come into contact with a Wi-Fi network that often.

Eye-Fi website

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