TurboFlame designer household lighter

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turboflame-lighter.jpgApparently, the Turboflame Arc Lighter is the first “designer” household lighter to combine cutting-edge technology with “contemporary living style.”

This means it’s made out of metal and looks a bit shiny, so you can put it in your shiny Ikea kitchen.

It comes in chrome, brushed steel and titanium offerings, plus it is apparently “effortlessly elegant and wonderfully versatile” with seller Crazy About Gadgets suggesting it’s perfect for topping off a creme brulee or, and we quote, “lighting tea lights in aromatherapy burners”.

If you’re into any of that, or just need something to replace the matches you use to light up the gas hob for cooking tonight’s beans then having a few fags in bed later, this might do.

Crazy About Gadgets

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