USB laptop cooler inspired by, er, gas hob

How about this for just plain weird. It’s a USB laptop cooler, inspired by, er, a gas hob. The cooler has dual fans, which should be powerful enough to keep your laptop as cool as required. And of course it takes power directly from the computer’s USB port.

Compatible with any laptop computer, it features a blue LED light to simulate a gas hob. Just don’t try cooking on it though. The gas cooker USB cooler costs £8 and is available from here.

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, season finale

I’ve done it. I’ve taken the final step. The final solution. The ultimate energy-saving measure! Never again will I consume a Watt of electricity or burn an ounce of carbon.

I am a zero-energy man. I am FREE from the SHACKLES of energy use. You hear that, Southern Electric? I’ve cancelled my direct debit.

I can now relax. And sleep. Although it gets a bit cold to sleep at night…