Perfect Halloween PC, the Swarovski encrusted Hello Kitty NEC

hello-kitty-NEC-laptop.jpgOh dear god, noooo! This NEC laptop coated in Swarovski crystals and Hello Kitty-fied obviously hit the internet on the right day, it’s frightfully scary. Honestly, who would buy this monstrosity?

Well, someone who likes nice specs in their laptops, admittedly. Under all that bling, the LaVie G laptop is sporting…

Pink amethyst crystal-encrusted Swarovski Fashion Rocks headphones, for the chav within

If you’re a Londoner, you probably caught wind of the 2007 Swarovski Fashion Rocks event which was held the other week, in fact, you would’ve read reports in the London rags, of the twiglet Kate Moss and cowboy-booted Johnny ‘Jozza Bozza’ Borrell being naughty and smoking during the proceedings.

One of the products created to commemorate the event were these luxury DJ headphones, which are encrusted in…