Harrods Unveils Crystal Encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apparently in order for something to be considered luxurious these days, it needs to be encrusted in Swarovski crystals. So to make sure that their customers weren't forced to use some second rate tablet PC, Harrods unveiled a crystal…

Swarovski Mickey Mouse MP3 player ramps up the tack factor


You can’t keep a good mouse down, especially if he could be a bit more bling. We’ve written about iRiver’s Mickey Mouse MP3 player before, which has been extremely popular in Asia. Now the company is following it up with an even more bling model.

Top 5 Gadget Sparklers for Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of the November – that's how the saying goes. Now Guy Fawkes, there was a man who knew a thing or too about making a statement. If only he'd have done it with his gadgets though and shown off his status with some bling, rather than trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

So, as it's Firework Night today, what better way to mark it than with five top sparklers from the techno-world. Unfortunately, not all of them can be waved around in the air and they don't make pretty colours in the smoke, but with gold and crystals on them, each one definitely costs more than a penny for the guy…

Pink amethyst crystal-encrusted Swarovski Fashion Rocks headphones, for the chav within

If you’re a Londoner, you probably caught wind of the 2007 Swarovski Fashion Rocks event which was held the other week, in fact, you would’ve read reports in the London rags, of the twiglet Kate Moss and cowboy-booted Johnny ‘Jozza Bozza’ Borrell being naughty and smoking during the proceedings.

One of the products created to commemorate the event were these luxury DJ headphones, which are encrusted in…

IFA 2007: Philips launch Aurea

I love Philips press conferences. Already, we've been treated to women dancing in red dresses which have swirled up round their heads. There's been chiffon, seduction music and lots of atmospheric lighting. We already know a fair amount about Aurea….

Shiny Video Review: Swarovski bling flash drives from Philips

Back when I was on Shiny Shiny and more concerned with sparkly, pink and fluffy gadgets than robots and all things geektacular, I went to the launch of the Swarovski and Philips flash drives. You’ll be pleased to know, months later, that they’re finally launching in the UK this week (Harrods, to be precise), and that Zara recently got all hands-on with them. Boys, forget diamonds – if you want to get jewellery for your geeky girls, head on down at the end of this week, where prices start at £50…

Shiny Video Review: LG Swarovski fridge brings a touch of Liberace to your kitchen

There were probably more technologically advanced fridge-freezers on show at the LG launch Alex attended last night, but this was the Blingiest Fridge Ever, so it had to be featured (plus there were no fridges with LCD screens on display yet, sadly). Just in case the clamouring crowd of fridge worshippers makes her spiel hard to hear, the key words are these: Swarovski bling…