Flickr Places lets you see what Brighton looked like yesterday


flickr-places.jpgFlickr Places is like one of those Google Maps “mash ups” that lets you see all the back alleyways of Bratislava that Dave puked up in on his stag do last year.

The Flickr team’s forthcoming Places application lets users see where the latest global hotspots are for picture uploads, with readers also able to browse by searching for specific towns and cities – and over 100,000 are currently represented according to the Flickr development team.

More advanced city maps will be available too, with local weather reports popping up on an enhanced version of the site’s zoomable world map, should you fancy having a bit of a browse and seeing if someone can finally come up with a Google Maps rip-off that’s as good as Google Maps.

Flickr Places will “go live” sometime this week.

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Gary Cutlack
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