RUMOUR: Virgin Media 50Mbps cable in a few weeks?


ThinkBroadband are reporting that a poster to their forums has leaked some info regarding a 50Mbps product from Virgin Media on their cable broadband network. The rollout is apparently due to start in “two weeks”, and should be completed by April 2009.

Price-wise the service won’t be cheap, with 50Mbps setting you back £52 a month. It’s purported to be a mandatory 12 month contract too, meaning you’ll be dropping £624 over the year on your extra-fast broadband, before any setup or connection fees…

Viacom "backs down" – doesn't want to know everything about every YouTube user any more


Angry media mega-corporation Viacom has lessened its demands for information about video watchers, says YouTube – but it still wants details of every item on the site.

YouTube says Viacom – which originally wanted to know what every user has watched on the site – has settled for a bit less data. The critical climbdown is regarding user-associations, so Google will still be handing over its database of stuff, only without the critical user details…

Police launching criminal YouTube?

police-video-crimes.jpgManchester police have come over all forward-thinking, launching a new crime submission page that accepts photos and even videos of crimes.

So if you’ve just sat by doing nothing, idly filming a gang of youths mugging a pensioner on your mobile, it’s possible to alleviate your guilt a little bit by sending the footage to the police…