Viacom "backs down" – doesn't want to know everything about every YouTube user any more

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viacom_logo-youtube-data-shame.jpgAngry media mega-corporation Viacom has lessened its demands for information about video watchers, says YouTube – but it still wants details of every item on the site.

YouTube says Viacom – which originally wanted to know what every user has watched on the site – has settled for a bit less data. The critical climbdown is regarding user-associations, so Google will still be handing over its database of stuff, only without the critical user details that could identify individuals and lead to them being tracked down and made examples of to deter others.

“We are pleased to report that Viacom, MTV and other litigants have backed off their original demand for all users’ viewing histories and we will not be providing that information,” said YouTube, hopefully calming the internet fires.

You’re safe, basically, if you’ve just finished uploading Transformers to YouTube in four 30-minute chunks.

(Via BBC)

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