User-created songs hitting the Rock Band store

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rock band.jpgFans of fake plastic guitars and drums will be happy to hear that Rock Band makers Harmonix are set to open an online store, letting anyone upload Rock Band-compatible tracks for use in-game.

However, it wont come easy. Not just any old MP3 can be uploaded the to Rock Band Network Store. Anyone looking to post a track needs some extensive programming knowledge as the ability to program tablature and lyric charts (as well as choreographing camera, lighting and character models) is needed. Specialist, trained programmers ask as much as £900 for building the game elements of an average 3 minute song.

“We expected this to be an initiative that would appeal to unsigned artists,” MTV’s senior vice president for electronic games and music Paul DeGooyer told the Wall Street Journal. “What was surprising to us was how many artists with hit records have offered themselves up.” Maybe because it’s going to prove so expensive to pull-off for unsigned bands, with hit writers being the only ones who can afford it, Paul?

Songs can be listed for anything between 99 cents (roughly 60p) and $2.99 (around £1.80). Developers MTV Games keep 70% of profits made.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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  • Sounds interesting! This is one of my favorite games. We will have to check the page out!

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