Rock Band and a lilac rinse coming to the Sony PSP


One surefire way to start a fight on the internet is to say that games machine x is not as good as games machine y. If you average out opinion right now, most people would probably say that x = Sony PSP and y = Nintendo DS. I’ve already made the blood of many a PSP fan boil but that’s probably the way of it.

Anyway, while Nintendo is upgrading the DS, Sony has decided to release a good lot of games for their handheld to reassure people that actual x=y rather than x – y < 0. So, you can expect to see LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, Buzz!, Assassin's Creed and, best of all, Harmonix's very own Rock Band Unplugged...

NOISE GATE: Record Labels vs. Guitar Hero – who owes who?


Over the last month or so, there’s been an almighty argument between music labels and makers of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band over who owes who. Major labels claim that the games wouldn’t exist without the music, but the games developers point out that the music in the games gets a massive promotional benefit. Who’s right? Click over the jump for my opinion…

Full track list for Rock Band 2


I try not to let a day go past without a mention of either Guitar Hero or Rock Band and today is once again the turn of the latter as Harmonix reveals the full 84-song strong track list for the forthcoming Rock Band 2.

We already knew about one or two treats in the form of the “Ace of Spades” and “Give it Away”…

Rock Band heading to American Wiis in June… aren't we forgetting something?


Hey! Harmonix? Harmooooonix!! Hey, over here! Over here a second! Come on man, it’s us…. the rest of the world. You remember us, right? All those crazy accents, the weird food, the better cars? Yeah those ones. Well, we’d mightily appreciate a copy of that there game you’re selling… That’s it, Rock Band. Pretty please?

But apparently Harmonix ain’t selling. While Rock Band’s debut outside North America is no longer expected until around September time, the developer is merrily gearing up for the Wii version’s release on June 22nd…