Activision considers Guitar Hero subscription service and Harmonix gets funny. Ha ha.


baby-guitar-hero.jpgActivision look to be reaching for an almighty squeeze on the consumer teat, round about the time Guitar Hero 4 is launched, by introducing a subscription service.

According to Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith:

“Looking even further out, we’re exploring new models, like an annual pass subscription where players can subscribe and get a certain number of songs downloadable each month.”

Of course they are. After all, there’s a good chance consumers may still have some money left after they’ve bought Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero 4 and all of the deluxe instruments including the ION drum kit, keyboard, harmonica, bassoon and triangle.

Meanwhile, Harmonix has apparently seen the funny side of charging us Brits the extortionate amounts they did for our copies of the original Rock Band game. Well, I’m glad someone has.

So, what they’ve done is send a little nod our way in the shape of the rather familiar and pricey looking piece of RB2 apparel as shown below.


Oh yes, ha ha! Well done. Very funny. In fact, that’s so funny it completely makes up for all the extra cash I could have kept. Yes, oh very good.

No where’s my money?

(via Gearfuse & Kotaku)

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