Another instrument for Guitar Hero 4?


Guitar-Hero-4.jpgOh, I do love a bit of Guitar Hero vs Rock Band news and it’s war over the instruments today. According to Eurogamer, the developers of Guitar Hero World Tour, Neversoft, have another secret weapon in the pipeline in the shape of an extra instrument to go with the drums, guitars and vocal already added to take on Rock Band 2.

Now, quite what this instrument is going to be is another thing altogether. The obvious guess is the keyboard but I reckon a harmonica would be much better. Of course they could always take a leaf out of Nintendo/Sega’s book and go for a set of maracas.

According to GH project director, Brian Bright, though, it doesn’t even matter what else they bring to the party. As far as he’s concerned, you may be able to swap instruments between the two games but there’s no contest in terms of quality.

“They can pick up the standalone version of World Tour and use those (Rock Band) instruments,” he said, “and when they break, they can buy ours.”

What do you reckon? Possibly a touch of bias?

(via Eurogamer & Wired)

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  • It’s hard for me to explain given I’m not a musician (perhaps as evidenced by my complete failure to make inroads to the singing campaign…) but they just don’t “feel” right. I think there’s some truth in the idea that Neversoft stuffed a few more notes in to make things more difficult, ruining the illusion that you actually are making the music yourself.

    On a self promotional note, I wrote an article about why I love Rock Band so very very much (despite needing a mortgage to purchase the full kit) for

  • Unless Activision and Neversoft sort out the notation charts, there’s simply no contest between Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

    Rock Band pissed all over Guitar Hero 3, in every single objective measure. Except difficulty I suppose, but then GH3 was a bit silly in that respect…

    • I totally agree, Alan, but I think this time around GH has really got its act together. The full band instruments are a major factor and they’ve certainly done their work on the set lists too.

      I own neither of the games – though I’d gladly have both – and for some reason my heart has always sided with Rock Band but when the battle hots up like this I’m not sure there’s room for my sentimentalism any more.

      What didn’t you like about the notation charts?

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