Band X (The Smashing Pumpkins) releasing new single G.L.O.W. in video game Y (Guitar Hero World Tour)


It is, in case you’re not down in the vicinity of where all the fashionable kids hang out, the cool thing. Release your record via Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero, so that instead of being seen as some crusty old group reforming once more to pay off a few debts, you are, in fact, bleeding-edge innovators who have STILL GOT IT.

Next to try it is The Smashing Pumpkins, who will be releasing two old songs a few people have heard of – 1979 and The Everlasting Gaze – alongside one ALL NEW SONG called G.L.O.W.

Another instrument for Guitar Hero 4?


Oh, I do love a bit of Guitar Hero vs Rock Band news and it’s war over the instruments today. According to Eurogamer, the developers of Guitar Hero World Tour, Neversoft, have another secret weapon in the pipeline in the shape of an extra instrument to go with the drums, guitars and vocal already added to take on Rock Band 2…

Xbox 360 Rock Band drum kit can be used on Guitar Hero: World Tour too!


I bloody love all this Guitar Hero/Rock Band talk. Frankly, it gets me hot. Now, I’ve some good news for any Xbox 360 Rock Band owners that are looking to convert or indeed any sensible people out there on the same console that just plain want both titles and not double the mess.

We have it from the horses mouth – via Wired – that we’ll be able to use the same drum kit for Rock Band on Guitar Hero: World Tour…