EA cuts price of Rock Band Instrument Pack & releases PS2, PS3 and Wii versions


rock-band-2-music.jpgLadies and gentlemen, rocking time is nearly with us and with the Rock Band 2 release date of 14th September just around the corner, Electronic Arts has announced a price cut for their Instrument Pack across Europe, and that inlcudes the UK.

What did sell at £129.99, sans game, will now be available for 20 quid less at the marginally more reasonable price of £109.99 (for those of you who couldn’t be bothered to “do the Math” as they say across the Pond). Those in possession of a PS2, PS3 or Wii will be even happier because versions for those consoles have also been released today.

With over a month headstart on rival title Guitar Hero World Tour and the fact that instruments will be largely interchangeable, it’s a significant move to snatching a little more market share, even if the same punters will then go on to buy Guitar Hero.

However, that doesn’t seem to worry GH developer Brian Bright sitting tight on what may be an extra instrument. Sounds painful. For me, it’s more about the track lists though and, to be fair to them, there are spine-tingling tracks on both games but that virtual Jimi Hendrix touch may just have tipped the scales in Guitar Hero’s favour.

(via MCV)

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Daniel Sung
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