Hands-On: Samsung NX10 Hybrid DSLR

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samsung nx10.jpgAs well as checking out the Samsung HMX-S16 camcorder at last night’s launch event, Tech Digest also got their hands on the new NX10 series of Hybrid DSLR’s. This lot have been knocking around the rumour-mill since last summer, and very impressive they are indeed.

The aim here is to fit as many features of a full digital SLR as possible into a portable-ish size. So you have a 14.6 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, a super-fast AF function and a range of lenses including two zooms (18-55 and 50-200) and a 30mm pancake.

Those worried about dust getting trapped under the interchangeable lenses will be happy to see a cleaning function built in. The Supersonic Dust Reduction tech inside vibrates the camera 60,000 times a second very gently, dislodging any particles that may hamper a pristine shot.

The 3 inch AMOLED screen was superb for previewing snaps. The rich colours and wide viewing angle will make it a handy smaller option for Paps’ looking to peer over celebrity walls. There’s also 720p HD quality recording onboard too for good measure.

The UI likewise was very clear and responsive, with a host of Smart features designed to let beginners get the best shots possible, as well manually changeable settings for those more experienced.

If Samsung are able to keep the price down, this will certainly be a highly sought piece of kit.

Gerald Lynch
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