Amplichoir – sing Lollipop and win MTV EMA VIP tickets, maybe

Dell and MTV have joined together to produce Amplichoir. The idea is simple. You record yourself singing Lollipop (the music used in the Dell adverts of course) using a webcam and microphone and you can see and hear yourself by clicking on a thumbnail on the home screen.

Billed as the world’s biggest karaoke, it’s so far attracted around 500 people to participate. The incentive for people to take part – apart from the chance of singing a naff, but very catchy, song out of tune? The chance to win VIP tickets to the European MTV Music Awards and afterparty in Berlin on November 5th.

The prize includes flights and accommodation for you and a friend, stretch limousine transfers to and from the airport and awards, champagne and flowers in your room when you arrive, dinner for two at Fischers Fritz (the only 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Berlin), a relaxing massage in the Regent Spa, make-up/hairdresser to get you looking good for the awards and after-party, and an EMA Award presented to you on the red carpet. So what are you waiting for? Time to dust off that miicrophone and croon with the best of them.

3 gets new mobile TV on demand content thanks to Mobix Interactive deal


UK mobile provider 3 has announced that it will be able to offer a variety of new “on demand” mobile TV programmes including South Park, The Hills and Pimp My Ride UK.

Subscribers who want access to the new content, which bolts on to the existing “3 on Demand” service, can pay between £1.29 and £1.99 for a week’s access to an episode. Features include the ability to pause and resume shows…

MTV launching HD music channel across Europe, from September


Staring from September 15 you’ll be able to scrutinise the skin of your favourite pop star in more detail than ever before, as MTV and its parent company Viacom launch an HD music channel for quite a chunk of Europe.

Initially shaming Britney Spears in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden, the channel will feature “new music” and “programming for kids,” all in English…

Rock Band heading to American Wiis in June… aren't we forgetting something?


Hey! Harmonix? Harmooooonix!! Hey, over here! Over here a second! Come on man, it’s us…. the rest of the world. You remember us, right? All those crazy accents, the weird food, the better cars? Yeah those ones. Well, we’d mightily appreciate a copy of that there game you’re selling… That’s it, Rock Band. Pretty please?

But apparently Harmonix ain’t selling. While Rock Band’s debut outside North America is no longer expected until around September time, the developer is merrily gearing up for the Wii version’s release on June 22nd…