Microsoft signs up MTV and Sony BMG to provide content for MSN Video

1115-SouthParkDoesWoW%282%29.jpgAt a press conference this morning in the heart of Microsoft’s glasshouse, the company announced an online video partnership with MTV Networks International and Sony BMG, because according to John Mangelaars, VP of Microsoft Online Services Group, “video is exploding”. Just cottoned on, eh Microsoft?

Adding to their MSN video service, which is free to users, clips from MTV programs including South Park, Pimp My Ride…

Virtual Worlds Week: Top 10 alternatives to Second Life


You’d be forgiven for thinking Second Life is the only virtual world in town, from the acres of press hype in the last year. And there’s no doubt that Linden Lab’s world has deserved many of the plaudits (and fat marketing expenditure) coming its way, having been arguably the first non-gaming virtual world to excite mainstream attention.

But it’s not alone. Industry body Virtual Worlds Management recently estimated that 35 virtual worlds companies had trousered over a billion dollars of investment in the last year (although that research has since been questioned, with some of those companies not actually being involved in virtual worlds, and $700 million of the figure coming from one acquisition).

Excitement: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart website to launch in FEW SHORT HOURS!

jon-stewart-daily-show.jpgFinally, something to do on the coming winter months now that huddling outside crack dens clutching spoons isn’t a smart idea. Unless you want pneumonia.

Finally getting their asses into gear, Comedy Central has given The Daily Show With Jon Stewart its very own website, due to launch today at noon EST. Only a few short hours, get those fingers poised on F5 already…

Opinion: Why is MTV not spreading the Britney Spears VMA video far and wide?

stu-col.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

Seen Britney’s shambolic performance at the MTV VMA awards yet? If not, and you’re outside the US, you’ll be hard-pressed to watch it. Why? Well, MTV has the footage on its website, but it says it’s “not accessible”, which I think is because I’m outside the US.

But it’s on YouTube, right? Wrong. It was, for a few hours on Monday, but MTV parent company Viacom’s lawyers were quick on the case to get it taken down from there, and any other video-sharing site where it was posted.

It’s frustrating, because you’d think MTV would be keen to have the video splashed all over the web, given that on Monday morning, Britney’s performance was THE celebrity story around the world.

YouTube Video of the Day – Britney Spears' MTV VMA comeback doesn't go to plan

YouTube isnt just great for cool stuff. It’s also great to see videos of people falling apart. The latest celeb to find their mind-a-wanderin’ is poor ol’ Britney Spears who, after her comeback performance at the MTV VMAs, has found herself named ‘the worst performance in history’. Terrible lip-synching, dazed bumbling around stage, vacant expression. It’s a classic!

Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes get mobloggy at the MTV VMAs


If you’re hotwired into pop culture like an electric scenester (or something), you’ll be aware of yesterday’s MTV VMAs, one of the glitzier awards shindigs in the music world.

It’s increasingly one of the most gadgety too, what with mobile simulcasts, Twittering stars, and now the news that emo stars Fall Out Boy were moblogging the whole thing using their cameraphones.

MySpace star Tila Tequila gets her own bisexual dating show on MTV

tila-tequila-bisexual-mtv.jpgWasn’t MySpace supposed to fuel a new breed of pop stars, turning their Web 2.0 popularity into platinum albums and taking over the charts? I’m sure that was the idea.

However, singer Tila Tequila is leveraging her huge MySpace popularity (two million friends and counting) to launch… a bisexual dating show on MTV. Well, I guess that qualifies as playing to your audience. Tila puts it best on her blog: