Virgin Media broadband service gets a speed boost

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virgin media.jpgIf you’re a Virgin Media broadband subscriber, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the befits of a free service upgrade that will give a boost to your upload speeds.

Subscribers to Virgin Media’s 10MB, up to 20MB and 50MB packages will get the upgrade, and will not have to do anything to have it applied to their connection.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, explains: “We’re once again pushing the boundaries of UK broadband with a true next generation broadband service that vastly outperforms struggling DSL-based services.

“With the huge growth in social networks these new upload speeds will help Virgin Media customers share their most precious moments and keep up with what friends and families are up to, whether it’s uploading to YouTube or even hosting a live videochat to show off baby’s first steps in high-definition.”

The news is offset by the announcement that Virgin Media will also be applying a new traffic management system, capping some connections, which they claim will “improve the performance that over 95 per cent of customers receive.”

Heavy P2P users will likely be most affected, though those streaming online TV content may find the traffic management will work in their favour. Regardless, those subscribing to the premium up to 50MB service will find that “this temporary slowdown will only operate on upload speeds and an extremely heavy user will see this reduce from up to 5Mb to up to 1.75Mb.”

Full details of the upgrade can be viewed by clicking here.

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  • I’ve been meaning to upgrade to the 20mbit for a while but I might put it off now.
    I’ll still need a modem upgrade tho My STB doesn’t support more than 5mbit :X, even tho they replaced it a while ago.

  • Whats the point of having this much “bandwith” when the actual “meat” is still in the slow lane… its like buying a race track for an old 90′s ford focus, a complete waste of time,

    Stick with the 50mb and 100mb we have acheived now in mass use and invest in supporting firms to roll out a service which can actually send information at that speed, I have a 50mb connection but can only download games off steam at about 5mb currently, so 45mb is still just empty bandwith, a waste of time.

  • Many people think slow internet speeds are down to their broadband provider. However computer settings, wireless hardware or an old PC can all slow you down.

  • The news is offset by the announcement that Virgin Media will also be applying a new traffic management system

  • Virgin always promise these speeds but mine has fallen to 1Mb since a 12 hour outage yesterday. This isn’t the first time either. This was a great ISP before Virgin took over.

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