Online video will account for 8% of home entertainment by 2011


connected_computers.gifAfter the prediction that Web TV will take off in 2008 comes research that suggests online video will account for 8% of home entertainment revenue in the US, and 7% in Western Europe, by 2011.

An analyst for Understanding & Solutions, Mai Hoang, says that momentum for online video is growing, predicting that, “multiple formats will coexist in the future, and no one format will control the home entertainment landscape, quite unlike the domination of DVD since the demise of VHS.”

Online video won’t take over completely though (yeah, I know, 8%, duh!), and the new high definition disc formats will help to strengthen sales of packaged (ie, hold-it-in-your-hand) media. At least, if this ridiculous HD DVD/Blu-ray format war ever ends.

Key drivers for the increased availability and popularity of online video are the providers (iTunes, Xbox Live Video Marketplace, Sony, and so on), and the increased presence of high-speed home networking systems and media hardware (Apple TV, Media Centre PCs, etc.)

(Via Video Business)

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