Yamelo – the school disco guide to YouTube music videos


yamelo-youtube-thing.jpgYamelo is another one of those fashionable YouTube video-mining operations (we should probably call it a “mash up” but we’re way too old for those sorts of youth phrases). It has a very “Web 2.0” logo in pretty colours, so we have to mention it.

The novelty of Yamelo is the way it sorts music by year and lets you browse artists from the same time period easily, so if you fancy working away today to a soundtrack of 1991 rave anthems or sampling a bit of the hip-house movement of 1988 as the clock ticks painfully slowly towards home time it’s ideal.

So if you find using your memory to remember what songs you used to like and typing their names into YouTube’s search box a bit too much of a chore, Yamelo is there to help. The internet – making your brain redundant since 1994.

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Gary Cutlack
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