Over 60,000 portable gadgets left in London taxis over the last six months

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london-taxi-60000-lost-gadgets.jpgOh, so that’s what happened to your previous phone. And your previous MP3 player. And your previous laptop. And your previous house keys, wallet, trainers, watch and coat.

A survey by security firm Credant Technologies asked London cabbies what devices they’ve found in the backs of their cabs recently, coming up with the amazing figure that more than 60,000 gadgets have been forgotten in taxis by people we would assume to have been massively intoxicated, over the last six months.

The survey did not ask the cabbies if they attempted to return the items to their owners, or just hacked them open, ripped the SIM cards out and flogged them on eBay in lieu of getting a tip.

Obviously the security firm that did the survey wants to point out the security issues of leaving a laptop with all your banking passwords on it in the back of a taxi. But we’d be more worried about someone finding all our personal photos and uploading them to a blog, this blog, seeing as the laptop has saved the passwords. That would not be a pleasant thing to see with a hangover.

Both are very real concerns. What can you do about it? Credant says to password-protect everything with passwords a bit stronger than “password”. We say try not drinking so much or leave your expensive things at home if you’re planning a night of tempting death with strong continental lager.

(Via BBC)

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