Club Surya – first eco-nightclub opens in Kings Cross, London

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nightclubbing.jpgThe first eco-nightclub has opened here in the UK in the distinguished and yet decidedly unsavory part of town that is Kings Cross. Club Surya is made of all manner of reclaimed bottles, timber and budgerigars but it’s the dancefloor that really adds the interest as far as I’m concerned.

Using the ever-popular piezoelectricity – essentially a way of changing kinetic energy into electrical – every badly jigged step on the boards is harnessed in tiny underfloor crystals and used to power all the needs of the club itself from lighting to sound. There should even be enough left for a few bits and pieces in the rest of the N1 area.

It all sounds rather good whether you’re into clubbing or not. Pack the place with stag parties, a few rewinds of Come on Eileen and we’ll have the bulbs burning bright all the way to Bristol. My only concern is how those little crystals will fare after a few months of sticky beer seeping through the floorboards. Mmm beerotechology.

(via newsbeat)

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