Top 10 tech treats I'd rather buy than an Apple iPhone 3G

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Rubbish! That’s what I reckon. iWhat? Sure, it’s sexy little number but at what cost, I ask you? What cost? If you go for the cheapest iPhone 3G package, you’re going to spend £639 over 18 months and that, my friends, is a lot of wonga.

Do you really want to spend all of that on a phone? My mobile bill over the same period is nearly half that at £360, and, let’s examine the evidence here, while I receive a healthy 250 texts per month and a muscular 750 minutes, you get poxy 125 SMSs with the iPhone 3G and a minuscule 75 minutes and most of those will be taken up with “Can you call me back?”

No, the iPhone 3G package is all kinds of wrong. You don’t want to buy one of those. Instead here are 10 other much better items that’ll bring you far greater happiness and value for your hard slaved £639. Click on the pic to begin.

Daniel Sung
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  • There *could* be a ‘top 100’ list of goodies other than that iphone, IMNSFHO.

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