Download festival considering cashless wristbands for beer purchases


Wet festivals suck, especially wet rock festivals. If you’re deep in a mosh pit, and suddenly your wallet comes out of your trousers and falls into the mud, then you’ve essentially lost all your cash, cards and anything else you keep in it. Absolutele nightmare.

So Live Nation UK, which runs Download Festival, are experimenting with a form of cashless wristband that you ‘charge up’ in advance at the start of the festival, and then simply swipe your wrists over a scanner to buy food and drink, etc. I suspect there’d also be some form of top-up station, too – like an Oyster one, for when you overspend on the first day and run out of cash.

It’ll be great for preventing theft (for both stall owners and punters) as well as helping combat drugs problems onsite – dealers aren’t likely to have scanners. Any lost wristbands can be cancelled and replaced immediately with a new one with the same amount of cash on it.

Download Festival (via CMU Daily)

Pownce beer robot makes arms slightly more redundant

The great thing about being a geek is that you can do stuff without the nagging question “Why?”. To a geek, the questions “Why have you made the toaster run a web server?”, “Why have you built a teddy that speaks Twitter?” and “Why am I not surprised you’re single?” don’t ever factor into any decision making. Which is why someone has made a beer pouring robot that’s powered by Twitter-alike microblogging service Pownce.

Genetically Engineered Beer Could Combat Cancer


I have copied the headline of this post directly from Wired Gadget Lab because it’s the best words I’ve ever read. I haven’t even looked at the rest of the piece but I know I’m going to write about it already. Hang on, let me see what it’s all about…

…yes, as suspected, all very good news. A substance known as resveratrol has been found to extend the lifespans of middle-aged mice and keep their hearts healthy too, and it’s now hoped the same stuff can work its magic on human beings. The trick is, and obviously we’re all very upset by this, that resveratrol is made more potent by putting it in beer…

Top 10 tech treats I'd rather buy than an Apple iPhone 3G

Rubbish! That's what I reckon. iWhat? Sure, it's sexy little number but at what cost, I ask you? What cost? If you go for the cheapest iPhone 3G package, you're going to spend £639 over 18 months and that, my friends, is a lot of wonga.

Do you really want to spend all of that on a phone? My mobile bill over the same period is nearly half that at £360, and, let's examine the evidence here, while I receive a healthy 250 texts per month and a muscular 750 minutes, you get poxy 125 SMSs with the iPhone 3G and a minuscule 75 minutes and most of those will be taken up with "Can you call me back?"

No, the iPhone 3G package is all kinds of wrong. You don't want to buy one of those. Instead here are 10 other much better items that'll bring you far greater happiness and value for your hard slaved £639…

Pour your own beer from your kitchen cupboard, with this CDA beer dispenser


One for the blokes, or just anyone that enjoys a good pint of yeast, this beer dispenser from CDA can be installed in any standard kitchen cupboard, perhaps under the sink, instead of those useless spray-bottles of Cif. Who needs cleaning products, anyway?

It’s 60cm tall, and illuminates your midnight beer-pouring antics with its soft blue LED glow. Included in the kit is a CO² cylinder, along with a keg adaptor, temperature gauge and pressure gauge. What’s not included is Berocca, which you’ll be needing the morning after, let me assure you. It costs £1,155…