Pownce beer robot makes arms slightly more redundant


The great thing about being a geek is that you can do stuff without the nagging question “Why?”. To a geek, the questions “Why have you made the toaster run a web server?”, “Why have you built a teddy that speaks Twitter?” and “Why am I not surprised you’re single?” don’t ever factor into any decision making – which is why someone has made a beer pouring robot that’s powered by Twitter-alike microblogging service Pownce.

Check out the video above – the creator sends a message to Pownce, which is then read by the computer, which then tells a LEGO Mindstorms to pour the beer. The implications to this are obvious: when you’re on the way home from work, you can send a message and have a beer waiting for you when you get in.

If a company were to commercialise this, then maybe the future won’t be a bleak post-nuclear holocaust dystopia, but a brave new world where robots replace service staff and service staff emigrate to Poland to find work?

(via Botropolis)

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James O’Malley
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