Pownce emerges from beta to take on Twitter

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Pownce has been the talk of the geekarati for a while now, on account of being the new venture of Digg’s Kevin Rose, with the obligatory invite-only beta to make initial users feel exclusive. With 150,000 of them now using the service, Pownce left private beta last night, so it’s now open to all.

What is it? It’s kinda like Twitter, with its microblogging elements, but there’s also more of a focus on social networking, particularly setting up event invitations, as well as file-sharing. It’s an interesting service, even if Facebook has since incorporated some of these features too, stealing its thunder somewhat.

Anyway, it’s well worth a look, not least because it makes the process of importing your contacts from other social networks quick and easy – always a benefit for any new site angling for your eyeball-time.

Pownce website

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