SpinVox enables voice-driven posts to Facebook, Jaiku, Twitter

Web 2.0

spinvox_logo.gifSpinVox has announced that its Voice-to-Screen technology is now available to users of the social network site Facebook, and “micro-blogging” services Twitter and Jaiku.

Now, simply by calling and speaking text via a mobile phone, these three services can be updated, without the need to fiddle around with SMS text messages.

All three services can be managed from just one SpinVox account page.

“SpinVox is all about using voice to enable person-to-person messaging through any network or service – whether by SMS text, email, blog, or social network walls and spaces,” said Christina Domecq, CEO and co-founder of SpinVox.

The new service builds upon the Spin-My-Blog concept, launched earlier in the year, and means it’s even easier for a simple phone call to keep bloggers and social network addicts connected when away from a direct Internet connection.

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Andy Merrett
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