Microblogging site Jaiku sold to Google for undisclosed sum

Very exciting news, everyone! Whilst you’re busy tripping out on In Rainbows this morning, here’s something that will send you into a spin – the microblogging start-up, Jaiku, got acquired by Google yesterday.

Created by possibly the nicest man in the web 2.0 world, Jyri Engeström, they put the news up on their site yesterday. “Wonderful Jaiku users, Exciting news, Jaiku is joining Google! While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the…

NMK 2007: Jaiku's five principles for building Web 2.0 success

jyri.jpgThere’s been a helluva buzz around Twitter in recent months, but coming up strongly is rival firm Jaiku, which has taken the principle of micro-blogging and stuck a rocket up its backside. That’s a technical term, obviously…

Jaiku’s Jyri Engeström gave a keynote presentation at today’s NMK Forum 07, and set out his five principles to building a great Web 2.0 service, revolving around the idea of ‘social objects’. Read on for the full skinny on how to make yourself an e-millionnaire (probably).