Tech Digest Pick of the Week: 30 technology stories you should read

Tech Digest Top 30


It’s been another busy week in the world of technology, with new phones, HDTV developments, and all manner of Web 2.0 malarkey. The stories below (and over the jump) are my pick of the most important stuff we’ve covered this week.

1. Tech Digest’s Robot World Cup: Round 1
2. Toshiba cuts HD DVD sales targets
3. WWDC07: Live blogging Steve Jobs’ keynote speech
4. Archos unveils three Generation 5 PMPs which play YouTube videos
5. Shiny Video Interview: Jason Calacanis of Mahalo

6. Sony Ericsson reveals its iPhone-busting W960 Walkman phone
7. Sony rumoured to be revamping the PSP – at last!
8. Apple could face iPhone shortages for 1-2 months after launch
9. Apple to sell iTunes music downloads through Bebo
10. NMK 2007: Jason Calacanis’ Mahalo Greenhouse will pay YOU for writing search results
11. Halo 3 Beta for Xbox 360 racks up 12 million hours of playtime
12. Shiny Review: O2 Cocoon – the 02 phone with “consumer style”
13. Microsoft wants socially conscious Xbox 360 games
14. How private are your conversations on MySpace and Facebook?
15. Roberts goes splash proof with the Poolside 2 radio
16. Omnifone reveals more MusicStation details, but is it really an iPhone-killer?
17. The World’s only known photo of Fake Steve Jobs!
18. Scalextric Transformers set – more merchandising in disguise
19. Palm Foleo is too large, unwieldy and ugly says Gartner
20. Get a beer slave, the Asahi Robocco BeerBot robot
21. Acer launches Ferrari GPS satnav device
22. What the bloggers say about… Safari for Windows
23. Why bloggers and journalists are always banging on about the iPhone
24. Nokia N77 TV handset ships – but only for the selected few
25. iRex iLiad – the e-book reader with clarity
26. NMK 2007: Jaiku’s five principles for building Web 2.0 success
27. Philips launches Bluetooth-friendly home audio systems
28. Virgin Media announces its own TV channel – Virgin 1
29. Sky offers all six seasons of 24 with Sky Anytime on your PC
30. Palm offers Treo 680 smartphone in crimson red

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