WWDC 2007: Live blogging Steve Jobs' keynote speech: Today from 6pm BST (10am PST)

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Live blogging Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speech

All times are BST in reverse chronological order:

1925: Keynote wrapped up. All done.

1924: “This is a very modern application – we think it’s going to be awesome” – Steve [MacRumorsLive]

1923: “With all the web services built in, you can build fantastic applications for iPhone” – Scott Forstall [MacRumorsLive]

1920: Tight integration between these custom apps in Safari and native iPhone applications like Address Book and making calls.

1919: Demo of corporate address book database using LDAP.

1918: Scott Forstall on stage demoing iPhone custom apps.

1918: All you need is web standards [No IE developers then, hehe. Ed.]

1917: Because iPhone has the full Safari engine, it gives capability for Web 2.0 and AJAX applications.

Will run securely on the iPhone with no need for a SDK

1916: Have been trying to come up with a solution to letting developers write Apps for the iPhone and keep it secure. We’ve come up with a very sweet solution [MacRumorsLive]

1916: Another One More Thing: iPhone of course!

We know it comes on June 29th – at 6pm [respectable time! Ed.]

But what about developers?

1915: The Safari Windows beta released today

1913: Demo of iBench HTML test – Safari vs IE – Safari is twice as fast.

1912: “Draggable” tabs in Safari, a la Firefox – can also drag off into own windows.

Google / Yahoo search built in [both bosom buddies with Apple right now. Ed.]

1912: Demoing a WindowsXP machine running Safari. “This is odd” -Steve [Sitening]

1912: Fastest browser on Windows. Twice as fast as IE.

[Anyone else see Mac, Windows, and iPhone convergence, all with Safari? Ed.]

1911: Safari 3 runs on XP and Vista.

javascript: ie 2.4 sec, ff 1.6, saf 0.9

“Safari on Windows rendering speed: IE 4.6, FF 3.7, Safari 2.2 (lower number is better)” [Sitening]

1910: Safari moving to Windows – whoa!

1909: Safari market share is 5% – 18m users.

1908: Here we go: “One more thing”

1906: Developers at conference will get beta copies of Leopard for testing.

As per previous versions, 10.5 will cost US$129 (so, probably £89-99 in the UK thanks to ignoring exchange rates)

Makes fun of Vista:

Leopard shipping in October. Basic version, $129. Premium version, $129. Business version, $129, Enterprise version $129. Ultimate version, $129.

“it’s all the same… most people are gonna buy the ultimate version 🙂

1905: “our goal was to make it so simple that people would actually use it” [MacRumorsLive]

1904: The demo is much the same as Time Machine that was demonstrated last year. Still cool though.

1903: Demoing.

1902: “Wireless backup to network drives. All macs in your house can share one networked drive.” [Sitening]

1901: Time Machine

“almost no one backs up automatically”

1900: “Now Phil puts his mouth on the face of Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) – sticks his tongue out, and the crowd loves it” [MacRumorsLive]

1859: “Steve grabs an Excel spreadsheet – flips through the pages in the workbook.
Phil says backdrops are a lot of fun – steps out of frame – Now Phil in the middle of a school of fish” [MacRumorsLive]

1859: Demo of Keynote presentation over iChat – all transitions and effects are visible.

Video can be shared simply by dragging it to the iChat window.

1858: “Anything that works with Quicklook also works with iChat” [Sitening]

1857: iChat Theatre – allows you to call and view multiple people at once.

1855: Featuring new AAC-LD audio codec, plus tabbed chats, photo booth effects, backdrops.

Applications can be added into iChat so that documents can be shared. For example iPhoto.

Running demo: Calling Phil Schiller.

1854: iChat

1853: Dashcode (for easily creating Dashboard widgets) to ship with Leopard

1853: Custom borders available for the WebClips.

1851: “showing safari…browses to yahoo, likes yahoo “main story area”
Steve hits the “scissors” button… Webclip automatically finds section of page, then clicks to make widget” [MacRumorsLive]

1849: Jobs is demoing creating WebClips from web pages loaded in Safari.

1849: “Web Clip lets you make a feature out of anything on the net. Demo of Movies widget and Web Clip.” [Sitening]

1848: Dashboard

Over 3,000 widgets written. Big hit.

New widget – Movie Times

1847: Applications can be grouped in Spaces, easily movable between them, audio only sounds in a space when it is active. easy drag and drop functionality.

1846: Spaces

Demo of Spaces – the multiple desktop feature.

1845: “Really complimenting Parallels and VM Ware for their software. “Three great solutions for when you occasionally need to run a Windows app.” [Sitening]

[Love that – when you “occasionally” need to run a Windows app. Ed.]

1844: “Leopard will integrate Bootcamp…Native speed for Vista/XP…”complete compatibility”…No more CD burning to install drivers…on Leopard CD” [macnn]

1843: Boot Camp

2.5m downloads of Boot Camp beta now built-in to 10.5, can run XP and Vista.

1842: Searching through videos using tags, with cool animation effects.

1841: “Demo of core animation. Apple TV intro movie is now interactive. Swirling around and interactive. Neat.” [Sitening]

1840: Core Animation

1839: 64-bit version took 28 seconds, 32-bit version took 81 seconds to run filters on the 4GB photo. [MacRumorsLive]

1838: Demoing difference between 64-bit and 32-bit applications: “Demo is showing a 4GB photo loading. 32-bit App can’t keep it all in memory, shows running several filters on both 32 and 64 bit versions at once.” [MacRumorsLive]

1837: Leopard is 64 bit throughout – “First mainstream OS to go fully 64-bit. 1 version of Leopard for 64-bit and 32-bit apps.” [MacRumorsLive]

1835: Demo of “Quicklook”: Lets you instantly preview files without opening applications. Works with all the popular filetypes, and plug-in modules are available for developers. [MacRumorsLive]

1834: “Instantly preview files without opening the full application. Works will all major filetypes. Developers can add their own custom file types.” [Sitening]

1833: Demoing Spotlight across networked Macs.

1832: Hmmm… Dialogue box just popped up – World of Warcraft crashed [MacRumorsLive]

1830: Sharing files between home Macs is now very easy – browse other Mac using Cover Flow (spotting an ongoing theme here}

1828: Cover Flow can be used to cycle through pages in a PDF or a Keynote presentation.

1826: “Back to my Mac” functionality built-in to the .Mac system – knows and dynamically updates your home IP address so you can browse your home Mac from the web.

1825: A folder’s contents can be viewed using the iTunes-like Cover Flow feature.

Spotlight now searching across other Macs and servers. Shared files easier. New sidebar. Finder revamped.

1823: Stacks screenshot



1822: Dock icons reflections – very Web 2.0.

Quicktime videos from stack being demoed.

1821: Stacks fan out from dock or pop up in grid. Includes default “Downloads” stack

1820: New desktop

Dock with new 3D look

Stacks – helps clean up desktop

Desktop “more suited” to digital photos.


Folders in dock expand to show contents

No more brushed metal

1818: Leopard: 300 new features

Final look at leopard before October shipment. Tiger was already ahead of the competition. Today we’re setting the bar higher and moving beyond Leopard

21 Months between Tiger & Leopard 300 new features in Leopard – today we’ll be seeing 10 [MacRumorsLive]

1816: Steve Jobs: OS X Tiger:

Most successful release in Apple history – 22m active OS X users – 67% [Apple users] using Tiger, 23% on Panther, 10% older versions.

1815: More to be demoed at E3.

1814: John Carmack from Id on stage.

Have been working secretly on next generation technology – WWDC is the first time it’s been shown – insanely detailed world covered in unique textures. 20GB of texture covering track.

Tech is called “id tech 5”

1812: Demoing Harry Potter game.

“The only thing better than living on a mac is living in Hogwarts”

1810: Coming up in July: Command and Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed Carbon, Harry Potter, Tiger Woods Golf

1808: GAMES: Electronic Arts to ‘come back to Mac’ – CCO of EA, Bing Gordon, is on stage.

1807: Steve presents stainless steel award to Paul Otellini – designed by Ive.

1806: Intel CEO Paul Otellini on stage.

1805: Steve talking about a year ago – ambitious transition to Intel.

1804: Live photo stream at MacRumorsLive.com [MacRumorsLive]

1803: Steve Jobs takes the stage.

1802: Mac/PC ad video playing.

“Knocking jokes on Vista. “They’ve sold tens of dozens of copies” [Sitening]

1800: Apple Store closed – but not the UK version (yet?)

1756: “Several banners are shrouded in black and should be revealed as Jobs’ keynote ends.” [MDN]

1744: All in the hall, listening to U2 and the usual musical suspects.

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