WWDC 2007: Apple takes Safari 3 browser to Windows XP and Vista

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Remember the unfettered public joy when Apple released its iTunes app for PC? Well, there were street parties round my way, anyway. Well, there’s a new reason to break out the bunting: today, Apple announced plans to bring its Safari browser out for Windows XP and Vista.

Safari already has a market share of 5% according to Apple – that’s 18 million users – and Steve Jobs was certainly bullish onstage at WWDC today, promising that the Windows version of Safari is twice as fast as Internet Explorer, and 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2.

It’ll have Firefox-esque draggable tabs, a built-in RSS reader, and Google and Yahoo goodness built in too. The public beta is available now for PC users, with Mac owners able to get their copy as a free download in October.

Safari 3 public beta

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One thought on “WWDC 2007: Apple takes Safari 3 browser to Windows XP and Vista

  • You forgot to mention:

    A buttload of major security flaws found within an hour of launch.

    Built in advertising for Apple revenue
    generation – type in the url box and sites you’ve never visited appear, including an internet florist…..

    Contrary to hype, slow as hell.

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