WWDC 2007: Get set for iPhone Web 2.0 applications

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iphone-in-hands.jpgIs iPhone a closed platform as far as developing applications goes? Not any more. The last announcement at today’s Apple WWDC show concerned Apple’s upcoming handset, and the way it’ll run Web 2.0 apps built to look and behave just like the ones on the iPhone itself.

Developers won’t need a software development kit (SDK) to create the apps, and they’ll be able to tie into features of the iPhone itself, including voice calls, emails and Google Maps-based location.

My requests: a really rich Facebook app, a Last.fm streaming music client, and some really slick gaming services please. Get to it developers…

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Stuart Dredge
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  • My belief is that they won’t need to write specific iPhone apps for any Web 2.0 or web site that already exists. On the iPhone, you’d just go to Facebook (not even Facebook Mobile), and take it from there.

    What it should mean, particularly now Safari is on the PC, is that web developers can ensure that any new apps they write will immediately work on the PC, the Mac, and the iPhone. That’s powerful.

    Of course there’s room for applications that would only make sense on a cell phone, as per some of the items that Steve Jobs demonstrated on stage.

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