The Digest: Sony caves in to hackers… and 4 other things people are talking about today

[nextpage title="Next"] Sony bosses cancel The Interview release | "Sony Pictures executives have officially pulled plans to release Seth Rogen and James Franco's controversial new comedy The Interview after hackers threatened the safety of filmgoers." More on this story Whodunnit? The Mystery of the Sony Pictures Hack | BBC News North Korea behind Sony…

LG launch the Optimus GT540 handset

LG have today announced the launch of the LG Optimus handset. Otherwise known as the GT540, this Android 1.6 smartphone has been apparently developed to be as simple to use as possible. "LG Optimus is the ideal choice for early…

Stats show Myspace and Bebo social networks struggling

We all know by now that Facebook has really trounced the competition in the social networking stakes, but lets spare a thought for those floundering in its wake. New statisitcs published by HitWise have shown that both Bebo and Myspace…

AOL to sell or close Bebo social network

It has been revealed that the flailing social network Bebo is set to be shut down or sold off by its owners AOL. It was just two years ago that AOL bought the social network for a reported $850 million….

BBC spends license-fee on Facebook lessons for staff

The BBC is said to be spending thousands and thousands of license-fee payer's money by sending their staff on courses teaching how to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, The Sun newspaper has revealed. It's enraged not only…

Send Tweets via SMS messages with Orange

Twitter will now join Facebook, Myspace and Bebo as part of Orange's Social Life service, an internet portal allowing users to access all four social networking sites from one place.

Orange launches Social Life for Facebook, MySpace and Bebo

Orange has announced a service that enables its mobile phone customers to access social networks on the move. Called Social Life it lets users view and post updates, upload photos etc. from one single log in.

Accessible from Orange World, Orange's mobile internet portal, Social Life allows customers to view and post updates on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Other social networks and 'Web 2.0 sites' will be added later in 2009.

Sexting and sexy snaps on social networks

I haven't been able to move this week for news about 'sexting'. I must confess that I was only vaguely familiar with the term, thinking it had been made up by a journalist for publicity purposes and wasn't a real problem. How wrong I was. Now I read that teenagers in the US and Australia have killed themselves when their boyfriends/girlfriends have emailed/MMSed 'compromising' pictures to school mates/parents, usually after they've split up. But in a worrying twist it now seems that so-called compromising pictures posted on social networks are being used as evidence in court to mitigate in cases of sex crime.

Bebo and Slicethepie announce partnership


Second-tier social network Bebo and innovative fan-funding mechanic Slicethepie have got together to offer an attractive proposition for both Bebo users and bands using the Slicethepie service.

Slicethepie works by crowd-sourcing the A&R process, something that I strongly advocated in my series of posts on innovating digital music. People can invest in bands, and once a band has enough to make an album, any investors get a share of the revenues from selling that album, as well as a credit .

The partnership means that Bebo users will be able to review and rate content on the service, and will be paid a small fee for doing so. Bands that get financed via the Bebo showcase will gain a promotional package that Bebo claims is worth £50k, that’ll include an album launch party, promotion on the Bebo homepage, and exposure to major label A&Rs.

The first “Scout Room” on Bebo will go live this month, so if you’re in a band, it’s definitely worth a look. Just make sure you’ve got a strong presence on Bebo too. What does Bebo get out of it? More bands on a service that’s struggling to compete with Myspace, let alone Facebook’s dominance of the sector.