Stats show Myspace and Bebo social networks struggling


social netowrk graph.jpgWe all know by now that Facebook has really trounced the competition in the social networking stakes, but lets spare a thought for those floundering in its wake. New statisitcs published by HitWise have shown that both Bebo and Myspace have had a massive drop in UK usage since this time three years ago.

After a peak in UK traffic in the middle of 2007, Myspace and Bebo have seen a steady fall from about 1.5% of web use to less than 0.2% today. Conversely, Facebook, who in mid 2007 were at roughly that same 1.5% position of UK web use, have gone from strength to strength, now commanding somewhere in the region of 6.22% of UK traffic.

Twitter and YouTube are the second and third most popular social networks respectively, with Yahoo Answers, Windows Live, Google Videos and (somewhat surprisingly) the kiddie-friendly Club Penguin all featuring in the top ten.

For the full list of stats click here to head over to HitWise.

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Gerald Lynch
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