BBC spends license-fee on Facebook lessons for staff

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The BBC is said to be spending thousands and thousands of license-fee payer’s money by sending their staff on courses teaching how to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, The Sun newspaper has revealed.

It’s enraged not only those dismayed to hear the BBC’s cost-cutting plans to axe 6 Music and the Asian Network, but also the staff themselves, many of whom see the courses as an unnecessary expense.

“We’re meant to be belt-tightening. It’s an astonishing waste of money,” one sound engineer remarked.”Teenagers who can barely read or write have managed to teach themselves.”

The day-long”Making the Web Work for You” lessons cost £100 a time. Cut them along with Chris Moyles and you’d have more than enough to save 6 Music, by my calculations.

Via: The Sun

Gerald Lynch
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